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Abstracts with the use of flickering saturated color and broad loose brushwork, partly chaos, partly controlled, wherein mixed media techniques are used to dive in the realm of creativity catching the cosmic essence of life translated into magic strokes of the spatula and brushes that create movements of excellence

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Studio Anmols creations are a textural treat capturing the essence of minimalism and poetic fluidity of straight lined forms and ethereal shapes.Antique dull gold filigree on clay, Matt finishes, a color palette which moves from hues of fresh beiges,botanical greens , browns ,burnt and raw siennas,yellow ochres to blazing crimsons, electrifying vermillions.A total rendering in greys and earth intersperse with bold highlights in metallic sheens is unique as well as exotic. Thus the monochromatic tones deftly used to accentuate her works lend it a rustic raw appeal and speak of understated elegance.

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Matted textures, muted tones, experimental shapes,Delhi's leading Pottery designer Anju Kumar dips into an earthen palette taking inspiration from Mother Nature to bring greenery to your interiors. A self taught practitioner of pottery,she has held 85 successful solo shows in a career graph spanning 30 illustrious years. It is the journey of the spirit in the realm of freewill and imaginative bliss.The mersmerising collection with an exquisitely handcrafted accent is all about perceiving divine light and transforming it into a spectrum of vibrations and translating into art.

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